Sunday, October 31, 2010

Volunteering at Orphanage in Nepal

Taking care of children who are parent less and homeless is indeed the pure worship of God as a human being and it is felt a real humanitarian work in worldwide. Volunteers will be placed in an orphanage where they will live with the children. The children are mostly between the ages of four and eighteen, and the children may or may not have a basic understanding of English. The general role of the volunteer will be to act as an older sibling: to take care for, look after and encourage them to participate different extracurricular activities such as music, dancing, playing game, and drawing and so on. The skills instructed by volunteer who make the children independent in terms of income is worthwhile.
·         Helping children in increasing awareness towards cleanliness by: brushing teeth, showering, and establishing and maintaining personal hygiene.
·         Organizing games, drawing lessons, singing, dancing, and other creative educational activities and extracurricular activities.
·         Teach English/Math/Science in orphanages or schools (when the children of the orphanage go to their respective schools during the day).
·         Help in doing children’s homework; monitoring academic progress.
·         Help to take care of those small children who cannot go school. Help in food distribution, kitchen work/duties and also design other activities or programs for the children.
·         By sponsoring a child.
·         By sponsoring a program.
·         By fund raising.
·         By donating money to the child education program.
·         By volunteering your time to the orphans.
We also accept donation from people who wants to donate the following:
·         Books & School Supplies.
·         Old Clothes, toys, indoor games.
·         Medicine (Vitamins, scabies cream/ lotion, lice shampoo, band aid etc.) Computer, Cameras, musical instruments.
Skills required: You must have good English (but not of very high standard). No other skills or qualifications are required to volunteer in the project. Volunteers must observe the rules and regulations of the monastery and be respectful as well as polite to the teachers, monks and local people.
Program Dates - Flexible i.e. the minimum time for the program is 2 weeks and the maximum length of stay is 5 months.

Accommodations - Volunteers will have either home stay with traditional Nepali families (host family) or have their own room in their orphanage. The accommodation is typically Nepali and based by Western standards, often with traditional Nepali toilets and showers.

Food - Breakfast at around 7 am which consists of a cup of tea and biscuits. There after lunch is served at 9:00 to 9:30 am and is usually dal/bhat (rice, lentils, and vegetables). Dinner is at 6:30 to 7:00pm and is once more Dal/Bhat.

Suggestion: Advisable to bring some staff for the kids – If possible. (e.g. pens, colors, sheets, picture books, instruments, flash cards, art supplies, and songs, small gifts for children)
Project Location: large town with all basic facilities (Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara).
Program Cost: Please visit :

Friendship United Nepal (FUN-Nepal)
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Post Box No: 24886
Tel:  +977 01 4334798    
Cell: +977- 9841492062

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